including MacDonald Avenue between 21st and 27th,  galvanizing community members (merchants, professionals, residents, civic leaders, students, educators, bankers, real estate agents, and associations) to take an interest to transform this neighborhood. The result will be a renewed sense of pride and place!


 an initiative presented by 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation, putting kids and families first in the Bay Area, transforming everyday spaces into places for play. 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation awarded $750,000 to 21 Bay Area cities, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals. 

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Lakeshore PBID Renewal and Richmond Downtown PBID Formation

providing comprehensive management of all aspects of the formation and renewal process, ensuring efficient, effective, expertly guided projects. The efforts have culminated in successful passage of PBIDs providing consistent funding for the respective commercial corridors

Oakland's Temescal and KoreaTown/Northgate districts

and streetscape improvements, cleanliness and security programs, retail and special events and business retention and attraction activities in two Oakland districts, Temescal from 2004-15 and KoreaTown from 2007-11. Guided by strong community and implementation of "CPTED" strategies, Temescal has emerged as one of Oakland's trendiest neighborhoods, claiming some of the San Francisco Bay Area's best eateries.

Huntington Park Downtown Strategic Plan
Client: The City of Huntington Park

focus group interviews, merchant interviews, public meetings, a shopper survey and formal visioning sessions with the City's Downtown Task Force.  Recommended activities included those in the areas of downtown management and organization, beautification and public amenities, promotion and marketing, economics and business mix, cleanliness and security, and parking and transportation.


the commercial district's revitalization efforts. The result was a clear mission statement for "ethnically and culturally diverse groups of people working together, responding to a regional Latino oriented market and creating a thriving bustling shopping area that is safe, clean and green."